Cloudfront Distribution



In this bonus section, a CloudFront distribution will be created to serve the content for a static S3 website that was created in a previous section.

CloudFormation (Required)

Step1: CloudFormation Quick Start

Click on the Launch Stack button in your desired region below. US West (Oregon) is the recommended region for this workshop if at re:Invent.


Ensure that you are consistent with the selected region throughout this workshop. Deployments in multiple regions will lead to multiple AWS services not communicating together.

Region Deploy
US West (Oregon) Deploy in us-west-2
US East (Ohio) - Coming Soon Deploy in us-east-2
US East (N. Virginia) - Coming Soon Deploy in us-east-1
EU (Ireland) - Coming Soon Deploy in eu-west-1

In a new tab you should be redirected to CloudFormations Quick create stack page as shown below.


For Stack name, the default reg-app-mass-text can be used or customized.


The default for the Parameters section will work as is.

  • Bucket - Name of the bucket that was created from the cloud9 environment. Your static s3 website bucket.


Scroll to the bottom and and click Create stack.


The CloudFormation stack can take up to 30 minutes to complete. However, you might be able to visit the website within a few minutes of starting the CloudFormation template.

Cloudfront (Required)

Go to CloudFront from the console and find the distribution that is currently being created. Check and see if you can get to the page from the URL.

Step2: Check your website

Now your application is distributed across a global CDN, AWS CloudFront. Check the site from other devices, like your phone.



You have now completed this workshop! Please do not forget the survey and let me know what you would want to see in the future. Its been a pleasure!