Twilio Account



Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service company and was selected for this workshop becuase of its integration to AWS and abilitly to send MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

In this first step, a Twilio account will be setup that has unique credentials and balance for each builder. A single phone number will be purchased from Twilio which will have send and receive capabilities for both SMS and MMS. To allow AWS API Gateway and Twilio integration, a Messaging Service will be created. The newly purchased phone number will be linked to the Messaging Service.


Twilio will be used in feature steps and it will be helpful to keep Twilio logged in a separate browser tab.

Setup Twilio Account, phone number, and Programable SMS (Required)

Step 1: Get Twilio account info

Log into the pre-funded Twilio account with the provided credentials:


Step 2: Get Twilio account info

Twilio account credentials will be captured in this step. Later on in this workshop, these credentials will be used in AWS services.

Once you are logged into Twilio, look at the top left of the home screen. Ensure that you are in the correct project as instructed, i.e reg-app-account1


Click on the house to navigate to Console Dashboard.


Under Project Info, copy Account Sid and Auth Token to a notepad on your computer. These will be needed for a further step.


Click here if the account balance is below 5 dollars

Please mention to your builder-session presenter. If you do not see a balance then you have developers access.

Step 3: Get Twilio phone number

A phone number will be needed to communicate over SMS. In this step, a single phone number from Twilio will be purchased.

Still on the Console Dashboard from the previous step, click on Get a Number. If you don't see the phone number card in the dashboard. Check for Phone Numbers on the left project bar.


Under Capabilities, select SMS and MMS and then click Search



Ensure that United States is the only country selected for this workshop. Please refer to Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 for educational information.

Select a number and click buy. Read the popup and click Buy This Number.


On the conformation popup, copy the phone number to a notepad on your computer.

E.164 format

E.164 format (+12223334444) will be the only number format used in this workshop. More information on E.164 can be found here.

You now have a dedicated phone number from Twilio.

Step 4: Set up Programmable SMS

In this step, Programmable SMS will be set up via a messaging service. In a later step, AWS services will be integrated to this service.

Go to Programable SMS on the left of the Twilio page.


Under Programable SMS click on SMS


Click on Create new Messaging Service


Give your messaging service a FRIENDLY NAME like reg-app-user1 and select Chat Bot/Interactive 2-Way as the USE CASE

Click on Create


Remember this page

In a future step this is the page where the AWS API will be entered.

Now, let's add the number to the new Messaging Service.

On the left of the Twilio page, click on Numbers under the name of your Programable SMS


Click on Add an Existing Number


Click on the number that was created on the previous step and click Add Selected



You are now completed with the first step in setting up Twilio! You have logged into a Twilio Account. Identified which account credentials will be needed to integrate with AWS. Purhcased a phone number with SMS/MMS capabilites and set up a messaging service.